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Athletics outfielder Matt Joyce apologized Saturday for directingan anti-gay slur at a fan late in Friday night'sgame against the Angels in Anaheim.MLB still suspended Joyce two games for the incident, beginning with Saturday's game against the Angels.. @ Anthony DeSclafani Jersey Athletics OF Matt Joyce has received a 2-game suspension w/o pay, starting tonight. MLB Communications (@MLB_PR) August 5, 2017Joyce has apologized and will participate in a public outreach initiative with @PFLAG. MLB Communications (@MLB_PR) August 5, 2017The salary lost during Joyce's 2-game suspension will be contributed by the @Athletics to @PFLAG. MLB Communications (@MLB_ Cincinnati Reds Collection Custom White Jersey PR) August 5, 2017According to ABC News, an A sociated Pre s reporter overheard a heated exchange between Joyce and a fan in the eighth inning of the A's 8-6 lo s.Joyce had just beenbeen robbed of a hit on a nice play by first baseman C.J. Cron. As Joyce returned to the dugout, Cincinnati Reds Custom Red Jerseyhe allegedly yelled several profanities, including the slur, at a fan, and challenged him to a fight.Joyce sent out a series of tweets Saturday apologizing for his behavior, saying the incident is "not reflective" of who he is as a person.In regard to last night's incident, I first and foremost want to sincerely apologize to the fans, the Oakland A's, MLB and the most importantly the LGBTQ community for my comments and actions," Joyce's apology began."A fan yelled vulgar and obscene words about me and my Scooter Gennett 2018 MLB All-Star Game Jersey family and I let my frustrations and emotions get the better of me. I am beyond sorry for the inappropriate language that I used and understand and agree that those words should NEVER come out of someone's mouth no matter the situation.Anyone who knows me will tell you that incident it is not reflective of me as a person, how I treat others, how I live my life and that those hurtful words are not my views. I fully support and hope to help the LGBTQ Cincinnati Reds Flex Base Team Gray Jersey community with their efforts in being treated fairly and intend to let my actions speak louder than anything more that can be said about this truly regrettable moment.The commi sioner's office is investigating the matter, according to the A sociated Pre s.Earlier this year, the Blue Jays suspended outfielder Kevin Pillar two games for directing an anti-gay slur at Braves pitcher Jason Motte.

  1. No Image 08Nov
    by luna2018lucky
    2018/11/08 by luna2018lucky
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    Royals reliever grabs bus steering wheel 0

  2. No Image 08Nov
    by luna2018lucky
    2018/11/08 by luna2018lucky
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    Apology not good enough MLB suspends Mat 0

  3. No Image 08Nov
    by luna2018lucky
    2018/11/08 by luna2018lucky
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    Aaron Judge to wear chocolate dipped str 0

  4. No Image 08Nov
    by luna2018lucky
    2018/11/08 by luna2018lucky
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    Timer shuts off lights during inaugural 0

  5. No Image 08Nov
    by ikibu
    2018/11/08 by ikibu
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    Billie Culpit 0

  6. No Image 08Nov
    by ehenatyv
    2018/11/08 by ehenatyv
    Views 490 

    nasiona marihuany 60 dni 0

  7. No Image 08Nov
    by umerywuq
    2018/11/08 by umerywuq
    Views 466 

    Wyraźne istniałoby rzadko profesjonalnie 0

  8. No Image 08Nov
    by ejedamyb
    2018/11/08 by ejedamyb
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    Rosalva Noiseux 0

  9. No Image 08Nov
    by iwitoxyh
    2018/11/08 by iwitoxyh
    Views 449 

    przepraszamy za bardzo poliwęglan lity podstawowe niedogodności 0

  10. No Image 07Nov
    by ylexopy
    2018/11/07 by ylexopy
    Views 440 

    Make photo voltaic electricity work with people 0

  11. No Image 07Nov
    by ahecafes
    2018/11/07 by ahecafes
    Views 498 

    mata grzewcza takie siatka wyprodukowana opierając się na tworzywa syntetycznego o określonych rozmiarach 0

  12. No Image 07Nov
    by akefidyb
    2018/11/07 by akefidyb
    Views 493 

    sprzedaż mieszkań Radom zatem nie musi się wiązać spośród pieniędzmi od momentu chwili lat 0

  13. No Image 07Nov
    by enuqov
    2018/11/07 by enuqov
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    Nasiona konopi Gdynia 0

  14. No Image 07Nov
    by ukunuku
    2018/11/07 by ukunuku
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    nasiona konopii sklep 0

  15. No Image 07Nov
    by ypenaxy
    2018/11/07 by ypenaxy
    Views 523 

    seedbank 0

  16. No Image 07Nov
    by ufupojyp
    2018/11/07 by ufupojyp
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    masz opcja posiadać warunki umieścić mnie w kategorii sprzedaż 0

  17. No Image 07Nov
    by yfenopa
    2018/11/07 by yfenopa
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    Selecting Fast Secrets In car 0

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    by uzaneq
    2018/11/07 by uzaneq
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    sprzedaż mieszkań Radom zatem nie powinien się wiązać z pieniędzmi odkąd chwili lat 0

  19. No Image 07Nov
    by etihemo
    2018/11/07 by etihemo
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    Easy Methods In car - Insights 0

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    by ipapobyv
    2018/11/07 by ipapobyv
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    Trouble-Free Plans In car Around The USA 0

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