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Royals relieverBlaine Ronald Acuña Jr. Alternate Navy Jersey Boyer is being hailed for his quick thinking after he grabbed the steering wheel of the Royals' team bus in an emergency situation.The Royals were on two buses in icy Toronto Sunday night when ice flew off the first bus and struck the windshield of the second bus, according toRustin Dodd of The Atlantic.The windshield shattered, cutting the face of driver Fred Folkerts.Boyer quickly stepped in to take the wheel and steer the bus to the side of the road.If things werent going bad enough, a huge chunk of ice flew off one of the Royals team buses and slammed Dansby Swanson Jersey into the windshield of the other last night. The shards hit the bus driver and reliever Blaine Boyer had to grab the wheel. The driver was OK. pic Ozzie Albies Jersey.twitter.com/b1kdSxqDQG Rustin Dodd (@rustindodd) April 16, 2018Boyer shrugged off his heroics while talking with reporters Monday, paying credit to bus driver Fred Folkerts.He was a stud That guy Fred was a trooper," Boyer said. "He had shards in his face, and he was locked in on trying to get the bus slowed down."Folkerts, who was treated and is OK, begged to differ on how the situation Dansby Swanson Cool Base White Jersey played out."These guys were phenomenal. The guys basically helped take over," Folkerts told The Athletic.The Royals have literally gotten an icy reception during their road trip to Toronto. Monday, ice falling fromthe CN Tower damaged the Rogers Centre roof, forcing the postponement of the Royals Braves Womens Cool Base White Jersey -Blue Jays game. It will be made up as part of a doubleheader Tuesday.

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    Tigers Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch dead 0

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